Monday, August 4, 2014

Work around Bogota


 Some other projects being worked on around Bogota. Work continues at 297 Palisade Ave.

 The old gas station at Palisade Ave & E. Main St is being refurbished into a new 7-11 store.

What was the Bogota Racket Club is still a tennis center, but some of the interior beams suffered damage during last Winter are to be replaced.

Preliminary testing of the old Hess terminal has begun. This will determine the best  way to clean up that site for further development.

PSE&G has an ongoing project of test excavation along River Rd. to W.Ft Lee Rd. These are being used to determine the route for an underground electric cable system going from the Ridgefield  power station to the Clifton power station. Full work is schedule to being in late August.

The Bogota Department of Public Works is erecting a temporary structure to act as a garage & service area until there current building can be repaired. Both  temporary structure and repairs to their garage is being funded with Hurricane Sandy relief money.

Bogota Blog NJ  has also been informed that the Quick-Check on River Rd is closing that location. It has  also been informed that the Rite-Aid that shares that building will take over the entire structure.

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