Friday, August 1, 2014

New Horizon Financial

1- August-2014

   Starting on Friday 1-August-2014 Bogota Blog NJ has started an agreement with New Horizon Financial.
New Horizon has been a been apart of Bogota since opening their offices on Palisade Ave since 1996.  In that time they have been an active member of the community sponsoring , and contributing to a number of local events. They also been active in supporting the High School & other sports team of Bogota. One of the better known events New Horizon helps sponsor is the annual Adult swim at the Bogota Swim Club Pool. This years event will go to the Family of Ridgefield Park Police Sgt Steven Sulborsky.
  Bogota Blog NJ is honoured the New Horizon as agreed to advertise on the Blog. With their support Bogota Blog NJ hopes to grow, and  offer more coverage of the Borough of Bogota in the future. It is asked to help support those help support Bogota Blog NJ.
  For more information about New Horizon Financial please visit their website at : And for more information on how to donate to the Family of Ridgefield Park Police Sgt Steven Sulborsky. Please go to: 

   ( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local news & sports please contribute what you can by using the  donation button  at the top right of the page.)

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