Friday, August 29, 2014

Science Tellers


   On Thursday 28-Aug. the Bogota Public Library conclude their Summer reading series of "Fizz, Boom Read" with a performance by Jason Vance of Sciencetellers. He told the story of Dragons & Dreams  about how two young, want to be, Wizards help save the Kingdom by releasing the powers of Dragons to defeat the Ice Sorceress. Volunteers from the Audience helped Mr. Vance  by using science to call the Dragon. He first showed how chemical can react with one another. Along with how oxygen  was needed to make fire burn.
  The Student were shown how to make the " Horn of Fire" to call the Dragon. Then how "Dragon's Breath" was made, and finally covering the Library floor with the Dragon's Breath so the Kings guards could have a victory of the Ice Sorceress.
 For information about upcoming Library programs for September please visit their website at :

Jason Vance telling the story.

Asking for Volunteers.

 Showing how Chemicals react.

 How oxygen works with fire

 Taking a moment to be cool.

Summoning the " Horn of Fire"  

Making "Dragon's Breath"..

.. then tasting it.

 Creating a Fog.

Covering the Students in Fog...

....and some Parents.

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