Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bucs Soccer


   The Bogota High School Soccer team have been working out for the last two weeks to get ready for the inaugural  season . For  this year they will be classified as a Junior Varsity team, they will also be a co-ed team. They will Coached by   Coach Carrasquilla, who has served as a substitute teacher at Bogota High School. In the June School Board meeting a number of Students, Parents & Teacher expressed their support of adding a Soccer program in the High School. Coach Carrasquilla will have a roster of 22 players to start their first season.
  The team had their first of practice at Terhune Park in Teaneck. Practices were then moved to the Eastern Field in Olsen Park after a Soccer field was laid out. Coach Carrasquilla  said he was a bit worried over the lack of  net in order to train Goaltenders, but will make things work. There are few scrimmages against other school plained in the coming week. There is a preliminary  schedule of 18- 20 games during the 2014 season with at least two being classified a Varsity games.

 Coach  Michael Carrasquilla talking with his players,

One on one drills

Two on four drills

Scrimmage in Olsen Park.

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