Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bogota Day 2015

26- March-2015

    The official announcement  about Bogtoa Day has been made. This year it will again be be a three day event hosted by the Bogota Recreation Commision.. It will run from Friday 12- June to Sunday-14 June.  All three days there will be rides  in operation.  On Friday and Sunday the rides will start at 6:00p to 10:00p  On Saturday Rides will be from 12:00 noon to 10:00p   Saturday will be the Main Festival day of the event with booths for local Community groups, area business',  and  arts & craft vendors.  In case of weather the Festival day will be Sunday 14- June.
   Over the past several year Bogota Day had been trimmed down to a one day event, on other years  due to lack of time , or money the event had been canceled altogether.  It is hope that expanding  the rides portion of Bogota Day will broaden the interest in it and allow greater flexibility for attending.
   Booths are now available to Local groups, Businesses,  and craft makers.  Fee for one 10' booth for craft vendors is $50. Booths must be paid for on or before  Monday 8- June. During the Main Festival Day  the W. Main St. Extension ( Bogota Day Blvd) will be closed to traffic. No food vendors will be accepted. Local Clubs and Organization will be allow to serve food item. For more information about Bogota Day, to reserve a booth , or to become a Sponsor please visit  Recreation Commission web site at : 
   More information about ride ticket prices, entertainment, and other activities during the Festival day will be made when  they become available.

Scenes from Bogota Day 2013

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