Sunday, March 22, 2015

Makers Day


   On Saturday 21- March the Bogota Public library participated in the first  Makers Day for the State of New Jersey. The Bogota Library joined other Libraries and groups  around the state to  allow Students to explore some ways to show off their creativity & imagination. The Bogota Library had three stations on the Main floor  to be explored. One of the stations was to introduce an "analog"  way of communicating, commonly know as books. Attendees were shown away they could make their own book using construction paper and yarn. Then they were ask to fill in the blank pages when they were at home to make their own stories.
   Another area was to make music using a Laptop Computer and fruit. The Students were given a circuit board to connect to the computer. Then other connections were placed into the fruit, while a third cable was left open. After the program was set up the user  would hold the open connection in one hand and tap the fruit with the other. When the Human connected with the fruit the circuit was complete and then the user was making music. If two or more were at the computer they just need to hold hand while one held the connection and the others played the fruit.
  A third area had two parts. One was to run a mouse through a course using a laptop using the arrow buttons for the commands. The next part was to turn a Human into a Robot by having them follow step by step codes to perform a task.  One task was to walk forward, another was to wave, and a third was to sit in a chair. The Human could not move until the proper command was given to show how much information is needed, and how fast the Human brain really works.
  The final area was on the second floor were Student had a chance to make small working robot from Legos.  They were placed into teams and watched the instruction on a laptop. Then the project was assembled, and plugged into the computer. The operation codes then needed to be used to make the project come to life. One was a pair of birds singing while twirling on a roost. Another was to have a crocodile  snap at on object when it got close to its mouth.  
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