Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pancake Breakfast

    On Sunday 22-March  Bogota Beautiful held their first  ever Pancake breakfast in the lower hall of the Bogota VFW #5561 post.  This was to raise fund for their spring planting on Saturday 2- May. Councilman Rob Robbins handle the griddle duties, while other members of  Bogota Beautiful made sure that the trays were filled with food, and the coffee hot.  A number of Families took advantage of their Family pricing of $25 for a family of four. Mayor Chris Keleman and other members of Borough Council  were on hand to to have breakfast.
   The process from this event will go to the purchasing of material for the Bogota Beautiful planters on W.Main St. They are looking to acquire dwarf evergreen trees  to act as a centerpiece of the planters year round. Fresh soil and new flowering plants will also be added to the planters.  The VFW waved their fee for the use of the lower hall in, exchange Bogota Beautiful will also added planters, and do other beautification to the entrances of the Post #5561 hall. 
  Other project Bogota Beautiful will be doing in the coming months are to join in an Earth Day cleaning of Olsen Park along with the business district of W. Main on Saturday 25- April. The Spring planting of the W. Main St. planters on Saturday 2-May.    For more information about  this and other Bogota Beautiful project,  how to volunteer with, or to donate to Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at: http://www.bogotabeautiful.com/

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