Wednesday, March 18, 2015



   On Tuesday 17- March the Bogota Public Library held the first part of it's Smartypants Lecture on how to sell items online. Lead by Library Director Radwa Ali, she  talked about the differences between the two majors online sells Ebay & Amazon.  They were compared by what type of merchandise each website specialises in, and what are the benefits of both.  The fee structure and shipping charges of both were also mention. Ms. Ali then explain how a person should show their items to be sold online, and what type of descriptive wording would work the best to entice buyers to ones product.  She also explained the the importance of  one or more photographs can be to help a seller. Ms. Ali then demonstrated in real time how to post items for sale.  She used some of her own merchandise, that she had wanted to sell, and posted them online. She took photos of them,  as the attendees watched,  and use her own accounts to offer the items for sale.  She explained each step of the process as she posted the items on line. She showed the newly uploaded photos of the item, wrote descriptions, set prices, and even offered terms for shipping. 
   The second part of this lecture will be  next week  on Tuesday 24-March she will discuss the process of how to ship and to collect money for the items that she posted that night that, hopefully, have sold  during the week.  
   This is scheduled to start at 7:00p and will take place in the Senior Center of the Bogota Library on the second floor.  There is no charge for the lecture however, resevations are recomemnded  For more information about this and other programs offer by the Bogota Public Library, or to make a reservation for any of the talks apart of  The Smarty Pants Lecture series please contact the Library at: 201-488-7185 or visit their website at:  The Bogota Public Library is located at 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ   

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