Saturday, March 7, 2015

Open House

7- March-2015
     On Wednesday-4- March the Bogota High School held their open house to show Parents and prospective Students a sample of  Academic Life in the school. Several of the classrooms were opened to  allow Parents to find out  about the different subject  Students would be offered during their High School careers. Another part of High School life that was available to be seen was some  the Creative Arts  that are available . The Art room was opened up to show works by the current Student. The Auditorium held performances from the Concert Band and the Choir & Drama clubs.  In the Cafeteria, Student organizations had informational displayed set-up to highlight their group, and show some of the extracurricular activities that could be a part of Student life. 
   There was a special activity held in the school's Library. The Creative Writing class of Ms. Corso held a first ever Poetry Slam. This was an Open Mic night for Student and others to share some of their works to the public. Students read original works of  poetry, and short stories they have been working on.  The literary works were joined by a number musical performance during the evening. Along with the Student reading a few members of the Facility and even some Parents, & Grandparents, stood up to share their work with others. 
   This was the only activity that had an admission fee because it was set-up as a fundraiser for the Proceeds from this event will go to the Non-profit group which provides clean & safe water in developing countries.  The Student created a couple of displays to show what the situation is for those who do not have easy access to clean water. For more information about please visit their web site at:  Or to donate go to:

Scenes from the Open House.

Scenes from the Poetry Slam.


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