Friday, March 27, 2015

BPESYA Class 05

 27- March-2015
     On Thursday 26- March the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held their first staff meeting to plan for Class 05 later this year.  The dates for Class 05 are: Thursday 16- July this will be an assessment day for the Cadet before the Academy formally starts. Orientation day will be on Friday 17- July. This is the official start of Class 05 time on active duty as part of  the Academy. The full duty week will run from Monday 20- July to Monday 27-July, with Saturday & Sunday off. Then they will have their Graduation ceremonies on Tuesday 28- July.  
   Members of the Youth Academy Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch , and Program Coordinator Anna Ferris  will tour the Bogota school with program information during the Month of April. The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy is open to all Bogota Students in Steen, Bixby, St. Joseph’s , and the High School who be entering  grades 6,7, & 8 in the school year starting in 2015.  The Academy is also open to any Borough  residents who meets the grade eligible criteria.  Application for Class 05 will open on Saturday 9-May. Class 05 will have 52 opening with the goal to have 26 Women and 26 Male Cadets. The duty day of the Academy will be 7:30a to 4:oop. One activity from Class 04 they hope retain is the SCUBA demonstration but it is not official as yet.   Ideas of  other activities  that were     discussed, and when the details  are is finalized a full schedule will be announced.    
   The Academy is currently accepting applications for their internship program to help with the day to day operation of the Academy. Any one interested must be a Bogota High School Student and currently in grade 10 or 11. Application are available from the Bogota High School  Guidance Counselor.  Application must be submitted on or before 30-April, 10 interns will be selected 5 Women & 5 Men.  Intern will receive Community Service credit for their time as part of the Academy as well as a letter of recommendation of the  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy and Borough of Bogota.
   The Academy is  seeking Sponsorship for some of the special activity days, as well as, any donation of services, or materials they need for the day to day operation of the Academy. They are also interested in having one or more additional Female  instructors to join their Staff.  With a 50% split of Female and Male Cadets in each class there is a great need to have a more equal mix of female-to-male instructors for each class. This would serve both the purpose of having strong female role models for the Cadets to look up to, and also to allow the families of the female Cadets to feel more comfortable that their daughters will be supervised by both men and women. All applicants for the staff position need to have a Military, or Law enforcement background. Any individuals looking to apply should be highly motivated to help others succeed, along with being able to work well with, and help teach children of Middle School years. 
   A number of Fund raising event are in the planning stages  time, dates, and locations to be announced as they become available.
   The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy  is starting its fifth year in serving to train and teach the Students on the skills necessary to be a First Responder. It has  also helped to  develop the Cadet into strong members of the community they live in. Along with improving the Cadets confidence in themselves and how to learn to be a successful individual as well as a contributing part to any group the may become part of. 
The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy is widely recognised as one of the premier Youth Academies in the State of New Jersey.  
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