Friday, October 9, 2015

Emergency Services night


   On Tuesday Night 6-October members of the various dept of the Emergency Service in Bogota displayed their equipment and  skill in the Valley bank parking lot. Represented  were all four Companies from the Bogo  Fire Dept.  Rescue Squad truck # 46, an ambulance from the Bogota First Aid Squad, and members of the Bogota Auxiliary Police Dept.   The " Smoke House" trailer from Bergen County gave a lesson on what to do is anyong is in a room which starts to fill with smoke, and how to safely evacuate a building. The Bergen County Sheriff Dept presented a K-9 demonstration on how K-9 officers, and their dog are use to stop a suspect.
   The Bogota Rescue Squad, Bogota First Aid Squad and the Bogota Fire  dept gave a demonstration how all three department work together in performing a rescue from a car crash. The Bogota Fire Dept also had displays on how to safely extinguish the small fire in order to prevent it from growing into a larger situation.  The also showed how Firefighters can open holes in a structure to help with ventilation which will allow the Firefighters better access  to contain a building fire. As well as on how they can open a locked door to perform a recuse.
  Other groups had information table set-up to help register anyone who wanted to become a bone marrow donor. The Bogota Fire Dept Ladies Auxiliary, The Bergen County Animal Response Team. The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy selling merchandise to help fund Class 06 in July of 2016. There was also t table to sign-up any who would be interested in Volunteering with any of the Dept that were in Attendance.  All four department at solely Volunteer Organizations. They are open to any resident  of Bogota, or neighboring  communities who wishes to join.

To Volunteer for any of these Department please visit them at the following site;

Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept:

Bogota Rescue Squad:

Bogota First Aid Squad:

Bogota Auxiliary Police Dept:!auxiliary-police/c46n


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