Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Trash Collection

3- October-2015

    Starting at the beginning of October the Borough of Bogota instituted a new Collection schedule. Trash will now be collection on Tuesday & Fridays townwide. There is a new category of Vegetative waste will be collected on Mondays townwide. If Monday is a Holiday then Vegetative waste will be collected town wide on the following day.  Recycling remains the same with paper & cardboard on one Wednesday. ( This coming Wednesday 7- October will be a Cardboard day)  With Plastic, Glass Metal & Aluminum cans and any other produce with code #1 thru #7 on the following Wednesday. 
   Monday 5- October will be the start of Leaf Season. Home Owners are allowed to place raked, leaves and Grass cutting  in the street , along the curb, in front of their residents.  It is ask that the piles be placed in such a way as not to interfere with traffic, and away from storm sewers and drain to prevent flooding , or other water build-up. Leaf Season is schedule to end on Monday 21- December after that date all yard waste must be placed in brown leaf bags for pick-up. 
  White trash will still be collected on the last Friday of each Month. This November & December 2015 White trash will be the third Friday due to Holiday scheduling. The First Friday of each Month there will be available pick-ups for electronics and tires.  These pick-ups must be scheduled by the Wednesday before by contacting the Bogota Dept. of Public works at   201-487-1041 or by email at:
   For more information about the collection schedule, or other Borough information please visit their website at: 

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