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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Breakfast with Santa

   On Sunday 13-December the Bogota Community Alliance host a breakfast with Santa Claus. This was held at the Bogota Recreation Center where Families took some time to relax and enjoy a breakfast together.  Also at this event the BCA was able to sign -up some more Candidates for the Bogota Pageant 2016. 
  When the the Guest of Honour arrive on a Firetruck from the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. all the Children rushed to the door to meet him. Mr. Claus took the time to greet all the Families  having breakfast wishing them the best for the Holiday Season. Then Santa made his way to his seat and the Children lined up to take their turn to tell him their secret desire for Chirstmas. He listen carefully, then  pose for photos and offer then a candy cane as a treat.  Before he left Santa reminded everybody that he will make a special trip through Bogota on Sunday 20-December to make sure all the Girls and Boys are still on his nice list. He let be know that around 1:00p that day the Children , of all ages should be listening for the Firetruck that will help guide him around the Borough.
   More more information about the Bogota Pageant 2016 contact the Bogota Community Alliance by emailing them at: wearethebca@gmail.com

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