Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cello Concert

 2- December-2015

    On Tuesday 1- December the Bogota Public Library host an evening of Cello music featuring E. Zoe Hassman. Ms. Hassman performed for an intimate audience of all ages. Seniors,  parents , and Student spent the evening listening to a wide range of musical styles. Ms. Hassman had a play list that included classical pieces from Bach & Tchaikovsky to popular standards from Gershwin, Jazz from Duke Ellington , and even a composition by Charlie Chaplin. The diversity of her performance allowed the time to be filled, but flowing. She also added a few " Mystery pieces" to test the Audience's musical ears.
   After the performance Ms. Hassman took the time to talk with some of the Student about music, different kinds of sounds that the Cello can make, and how her career as a musician has helped her travel the world, and meet people, along with the work and practice it takes to be a top performer.

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