Monday, December 7, 2015

VFW Lighting


    On Saturday 5- December members of the International Brotherhood of  Electrical  Workers  local 164 Volunteered their time and expertise  to replace the lighting in the upper hall of the Bogota VFW Post 5561 headquarters.  They set-up a number of teams to more efficiently upgrade the old fixtures. New, more energy saving fixtures, and switch panels were donated by the Home Depot. While some crews worked to remove the old lights other prepared the new fixtures for installation.  The new lights were being installed before all the old ones had come down.  Crews then followed behind the installation crew to begin to wire the new lights. Other members of the IBEW took the time to remove the old ballast from the fixtures, in order for the metal to be recycled,  and safe disposal of the ballast. They also removed the old lights , and packing material , again to be recycled. 
  The new fixtures are still fluoresces but now the energy use for the entire hall will equal that of just one row of the the old lights. They will also be only four foot long bulbs instead of eight foot long  making the replacement easier. Volunteers also added a switching panel for better control of the lighting. 
  This is another step in   freshen up the post #5561 Hall not only helps any of the local Veterans to have a safe and relaxing place to visit, but this will also help the hall itself to become a more desirable venue to host other events both Public and Private. The process from the VFW Hall rental is used not only as upkeep for the building, but also help Post 5561 maintain their mission to reach out and offer assistance to any Veteran in the local area who needs a safe place to come and be welcomed to.  For more information about joining the Bogota VFW, or to inquire about renting one of the two hall for an event please visit their website at :
  The Ralph Hall post is located at 240 Leonia Ave. Bogota, NJ

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