Saturday, August 6, 2016

Class 06 Black Friday (part 1)


 To view the News 12 New Jersey story about the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy please go to the following link at :

   On Friday 5-August The Bogota Emergency Youth Academy  held their Fire Safety Duty Day. This took place at the West Broad Street Fire House.  The Cadets started by having each squad go to a different locations Two squads listen to the members of the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept tell of their experiences of being a Fire Fighter. One Squad was taking to a simulator, from the Hackensack Fire Dept, which taught them hoe to escape a burning building safely. This also demonstrated why it is important to have a plan and meeting point for the home. The other squad were lead up the Aerial Ladder from Bogota Hook & Ladder Co. #1. Cadets stepped on to the truck  as it was parked on W. Broad St. Then they climb along the ladder over the parking lot to arrive on the roof of Police Headquarters.
   After a small break, the squads then competed in two events. One was a relay which had each Cadet don some of the, Turn out gear, walk an extinguisher through the fire house, and return their gear. Then they had to pull a hose through a water curtain, and then "put out" the fire in the window of a small structure. The other two squad engaged in a water battle to see which squad could push a cylinder into the other location. After the squads switched the two winners in the water battle faced off to crown a winning squad.
  The final orders for the Cadets was to stand in formation while being soaked by a number of fire hose from different directions. This was a over-sized version of Sgt Lynch's water bottle to learn which Cadets can maintain focus while under duress.
  The Cadets were dismissed to go home, dry off and return for the next part of the day.

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