Sunday, August 7, 2016

Class 06 Black Friday (part 2)


     The Second half of the duty day on Friday-5 August the Cadets of the Bogota Emergency Service Youth Academy assemble at Bogota High School to travel to Darlington Park. This was the beginning of the ultimate test for Class 06.  Once they arrived at the campsite the Cadets stored they gear then fell into formation. They where taken on a march around the site stopping for calisthenics and reciting marching cadences along the way. After their legs and mind were set to act as one the Cadets took a moments rest and prepare for the next series of tests.
   Each Squad leader needed to choice an envelope form Miss Anna  and the race was on.  This was a challenge  which would prove to see how much the Cadets have learned during their week at the Academy.  Seven stations were set-up around their camp site each with a different tasks. Some station the Cadets needed to answer questions, or find object based on the class room work as part of the morning session of the Academy. Examples were to inform Sgt Lynch or Miss Luciano  of what to do in case of bulling, or to avoid peer pressure. Instructor Sanchez  had the Cadets look for and carry an item they should not touch.  The Medical information stations had the  the Cadet securely bandage a follow Cadet. This was the first station so in order  recieve credit for the task the dressing needed to last for the entire course. There was also a CPR  station and victim removal station.  At each station the Cadets received a token of proof they completed the assignment properly.  Between each station the Squad had to return to base camp and one, or two more members  to the group. The last station was to find a firefighter duck in a barrel. This was done as the Cadets were subjected to the spray from three fire hoses aimed at them. 
   After securing all of the token needed the entire Squad needed to report to Instructor Perez  on the shore line. The winner of the challenge was  judge by which arrived the soonest with all the mandatory tokens in their possession.  Squads where allowed to retrace their steps but as a whole. This let the Cadets prove to the Instructor that they have learned the lessons of following commands, thinking how to need an obstacle quickly, and team work on top of the lessons learned during the Duty Day.
   After the winner was announced the Squads moved back to the Fire Dept location to face off against each in a massive Fire Hose fight. When the water settled were march back to base camp to wait for the next .....        

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