Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Class 06 Day2

 2- August-2016

   On Monday 1- August the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy second Duty Day focuses on Heath and Fitness. The morning session the Cadets attended classes in Life Skills and  about Heath & Hygiene.  The Hygiene informed the Cadets of basic  habits  they should use which will maintain a healthy lifestyle, and project a favorable appearance to others.  This included brushing of  one's teeth and the benefits of deodorant.  The Life Skills  was a class on how a Cadet  treats other people will be a reflection of their character. They were told that listening to an authority figure, starting with their Parents and Family members to Teachers, Police, Firefighters and Crossing guards will help them in the future as they grow up. Family life , School activities, and being with friends all have lesson to learn on how to make proper choices for the rest of their lives.
  The next part of the day the Cadets were shown some basic first aid skills. This included how to apply pressure and then a cloth to a wounded area.  Then the Cadets added a band aid to secure the area to help control the bleeding.  The also practiced the proper way of assisting an EMT technician on the use of a back brace to move an injured  victim.  The Cadets need to works in teams so one would need to  keep a victim's head still so their partner could apply a neck collar. Then both would secure the person to a backboard for transportation.
  The Cadet also learn on how to identify, and treat  a person in need of CPR.  The Cadets worked in teams of two, to aid a victim. They learned how to clear a person mouth in order to allow the flow of air into the person. Next on how to locate the breastbone and place their hands to begin assisting the persons heart to keep beating. The Cadets learn the pace and strength of pressure to use. Then they learn how to stitch place with their partner to keep a steady rhythm, and to allow one to rest while the other to continue to assist the victim. 
 The final session the Cadets went through their first Physical Training exercises. This included sprints, laps  and other exercises to  add strength their bodies. 

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