Thursday, August 4, 2016

Class 06 Day 4 Water Rescue


    On Wednesday 3- August the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy held their recuse training  day at the Bogota Swim Club pool. This put the Cadets through four stations of different types of Emergency Services personal could encounter.  One was to remove a victim from an enclosed space. This could be a collapsed building, tunnel, or cave.  The Cadet were placed into teams of six .  Four Cadets would travel into the space to secure the victim  so that they could be safely removed from the area.  This was done by placing the victim on a rescue board attached to a rope. The victim would be secured on the board to immobilize the person to reduce the chance of aggravating or cause any further injuries. Then two other Cadets was responsible to assist in  pulling the recuse board from the the area in a methodical way also in order to reduce further injuries.
   Then the Cadets were move to a station to learn how to remove a person who may have been trapped in a car accident. Cadet were shown, and use entrapment tools carried by The Bogota Rescue Squad which oversaw their training. Each Cadet was dressed in full turn out gear and then work on a different part of the vehicle.  Some of the Cadet used a spreader to open the door of the car. Then other cut the roof supports with the "Jaws of Life" in order to give the rescuers  access to a victim in side.
    The next part duty day focus on water based emergencies.  The Cadets went through two stations to learn how to assist a victim who has is in a body of water.  With  Bogota's Western Border being the Hackensack River,  and proximity to  lakes and the Atlantic Ocean Cadet had an opportunity  to experience what is needed to perform in that type of emergency. A group of Cadets were sent to the high board of the swim club and had to jump in the water.  Their follow Cadets needed to perform a rescue by throwing a life preserver to the victim and pulling them safely to shore.  Other lessons the Cadet had a chance to learn from this exercise were of a secondary nature, but just as important. This was an exercise to build up trust in the fellow Cadets knowing that each member of the team will do what is necessary  to insure the safety of the other.  Another lesson  was to overcome one's fear enable to perform the task that  is needed.   For a moment one Cadet became uncomfortable  with the height of the diving board
 The Cadet was still apprehensive but was being encouraged by the others from the crowd.  After awhile  Miss Anna  joined the Cadet on the High Dive offer more support and assurance of their safety. Finally the Cadet overcame any fears and took a step off into new territory. The Cadet was assisted by the Instructors and was immediately congratulated by the Instructors and other Cadets for over coming the challenge and fear of the new. 
   The other session was to learn the basic of SCUBA diving. This help teach the Cadets how to move in and unfamiliar environment with confidence.  The Cadet were dress in full SCUBA gear given lessons on how to breath and move under water. Then they circled the South end of the pool, submerged the entire time.
   The Cadets were also shown other types of rescue vehicles used by other Rescue Squads. At the end of their session two helicopter one from the New Jersey State Police the other from the Hackensack University Heath Center landed in the  Little League fields in Olsen Park. Cadets were given the opportunity to listen to the pilot  and ask questions about how and why it may be needed to have  a Helicopter assist 

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