Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Class 06 Dismissed


    On Tuesday-9-August  was Graduation Day for The Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy  Class 06.   To start their Duty Day the Cadets did their annual March though Bogota. This allowed the Cadets to display a part of their training of working together as one unit they had learn at the Academy. They  began their parade along Orchard Terrance,  then to South St.  They turn onto Larch Ave  and proceeded to Bogota Borough Hall as a number of Parents and others watched the Cadets along the way.  Class 06 then posed for photos for the press and  Family members. in front of Borough Hall. After that they proceeded  back to Steen School to  continue to prepare for their graduation. 
   To  begin the ceremony  Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch welcomed the Family and Friends in attendance . The event began by The Cadets marching into the Gym and performed a close order drill which showed their discipline and focus in following commands. During the ceremonies Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye and Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen addressed the Cadets to congratulate them for what the have achieved. The 56 Cadets fulfilled the requirements of the Academy and were presented their Graduation Certificate in front of Family and Friends.  
     A number of awards were presented to the Squads that prevailed at a number of competitions that took place during Academy training.  There were also individual awards  for Courage,  another for Honor &   Value and  one for Exceptional Performance by a Cadet.  This year there was  am award to the outstanding Squad leader and to the  Academy Intern who worked the hardest to assist with the day to day operation of the Academy.  Finally it was announced the award for Honor Graduate. Ce’Yoni Scott was named second runner up ,Dylan LeMay  was chosen as First runner -up. And finally it was announced that Tiffany Alvarez  had won the title of Honor Graduate for Class 06.  Miss Alvarez excepted the award from Miss Anna & Sgt Lynch with her Family  by her side.  For one more the Cadets were called to attention by Instructor Perez and then the Class 06 was dismissed. They joined the audience to watch a short film that recapped the nine days of the Academy.  Then the Academy Alumni received one last " Miss Anna Hug" before they were returned to their Families.
  After the ceremony there was a reception in which Family and friends could congratulate Class 06 on becoming Alumni of one of the finest Youth Academies in New Jersey.

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