Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mazzway Photos LLC


     Mazzway Photos LLC, the parent company of Bogota Blog NJ, had worked with the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy   as a press officer for this years Academy.  Bogota Blog NJ was again granted access to record the duty time  for Class 06. This began with  sign-up day in May and conclude with  the Class 06 Graduation in August.  Mazzway Photos was able to arrange more media coverage for this year's Academy than in previous years.  Several stories in the Bogota Bulletin, and the Bergen Record were published to inform the public about the Academy. Other stories were published in the Cliffside Daily Voice as a result of work of Mazzway Photos. These including the "Sponsor  a Cadet" program, donations made by the Bogota Public School Teachers, and for the Class 06 Graduation. Finally Through the work of Mazzway Photos the Bogota Youth Academy  was twice featured on News 12 New Jersey " Spotlight New Jersey" segment with Della Crews. The first was about Orientation day and on Monday -15- August they also aired a story about the Class 06 Graduation. 
   In recognition of expanding the exposure of the  Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy, Stephen Mazzella became the first non- Academy members to received an Academy Dog Tag for his work in assisting in promoting the Academy.  Mazzway Photos is proud of it's efforts to bring the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy to a wider audience. This is just a beginning  in helping to assist the Academy grow. The next step is to acknowledge the members of the community who in anyway have been affected by the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy.  One way is to inform the media outlets that have already covered the Academy to continue to do so. This can be done by clicking and commenting on  all Academy stories in a positive way. Today's media is driven by "clicks & comments" so the more viewers support a story will show that outlet how important the Academy is. With more media coverage, there is more interest in helping the goals of the Academy idea to grow. 
    With more coverage there is a greater opportunity to increase funding for the Academy, this will allow them to continue to be "The Tip of the Spear" in training the Students of today to become the Leaders of tomorrow. Local Government budgets can only go so far to aid groups like the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy. This is when individual citizens, private business, and other civil organization can help. One way is the "Sponsor  a Cadet" program. With private donations (including from Mazzway Photos) a number of Student were given financial aid so they could become a Cadet in Class 06. While monetary aid is one way to contribute, the Academy also is in need of goods and services.  With every donation made to the Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy it can continue to become one of the finest Youth Academy in New Jersey. 
   For more information please contact:
Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch or Program Coordinator Anna Geraghty. at
Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy
375 Larch Ave. 
Bogota,NJ 07603
  The Spotlight New Jersey story can be accesesed at    https://www.facebook.com/dellacrews/?

 Select photos from the Bogota Blog NJ collection of the Bogota Emergency Service Youth Academy are now available for purchase. These may be order form the Bogota Blog NJ Zenfolio store at: http://bogotablognj.Class 06 

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