Wednesday, August 24, 2016

High School Musical

   Bogota  Beautiful announced that it is suspending its production of " High School Musical" until further notice. They sited scheduling conflicts, and some cast member excusing themselves from the show for personal reasons.  They hope to continue to raise funds and finalize production detail thought out the coming months.
  Bogota Blog NJ received the following statement from Bogota Beautiful clarifying their decision to postpone the production.

     For several weeks this summer, the all-volunteer cast & crew, consisting primarily of students and amateurs, ambitiously worked to put on it's very first "community theater" project in time for public performances on 8/26 and 8/27. 

Unfortunately, due to overall lack of preparedness, which included two late cast drop-outs for health and work issues, the cast and crew, many of whom are students returning to school next week, decided to cancel the show with the intention to consider a future date, likely next Spring/Summer.

Although these public shows were cancelled, the journey itself was extremely rewarding as many of us got related, acted, sang, danced, and learned a lot about show production that we can put into practice next time. We thank everyone involved and look forward to revisiting this, and other, community building projects.

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