Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Class 06 Day 3

3- August-2016
   On Tuesday the Bogota Emergency Youth Academy had their personal responsibility day. This had the Cadets learn about some techniques in self defense. The were taught basic moves to assist them in getting out of a dangerous situation. During their class room session they learn about bullying and peer pressure. This was lead by Steen School Counselor  Ms. Whitney Luciano. She talked about what " bullying " really is, how it could be avoided, and what a person should do to aid someone who is a victim of bullying.
  Their next class was about fire arm safety. This showed the Cadets non-operating full scale replicas of a wide range of fire arms. These were made to look , feel, weight and operate like actual firearms. The Cadets were allowed to hold these model firearms to learn what the real fire arms feel like. They were then told of how they should react if they, or their friends, are in a situation were fire arms are present. Cadets learn there is no reason for them to pick-up a fire arm if they come across one. It is impossible to tell if a fire arm is loaded just by looking at it. Even a slight touch could leads in the discharge of that weapon. It was emphasized if there is a fire arm without Adult supervision the person should leave it alone, and  find a member of law enforcement , or other responsible adult. They also were told that any situation with fire arms present which makes them fell uncomfortable they should remove themselves from that area. 
   After lunch the Cadets traveled to a Police qualification gun range to experience a live fire demonstration.  Officers from the Bogota Police Dept talked about what type of training they do at this range. The Cadets were shown some of the actual  fire arms  used by many of the Police dept in the area. Even though the fire arms were unloaded and secure, the Cadets were only allowed to look at them.  After the Cadets were given hearing protection and placed in a safe location the Officers began their demonstrations.   They first saw the the officer fire at paper target, then at watermelons and soda bottles. This shown the size a bullet leave on impact, then the amount of damage fire arms can do to a object.  They Cadets then saw the a demonstration of an "Active  Shooter" situation.  They witness how an Officer would approach a suspect in order to secure the area.  After the demonstration the Officer addressed the Cadet to  remind them in such a situation it is the Officers job is to reduce the threat to the public.  Their duty is to follow the commands of law enforcement, to keep themselves, and assist other, to remain safe.

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