Monday, August 15, 2016

Parts Swap


    On Sunday 15 August the Wingmen Motor Cycle Club of Bergen County held a parts swap meet at the Bogota VFW Post #5561. Due to the extreme heat a number of vendors did not attend. Those who did, took the time to survey the offering and compare stories and tips on how to take care of their rides.  The items available ranged from Helmets and Gas Tanks to Rims and Bolts. Outside the VFW there was also a few motor cycles in various state of repair with their owners hoping to find the needed part to complete the work.
   Wingmen Motorcycle Club of Bergen County is the New Jersey Chapter of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club founded by servicemen of the 1st Battalion  Combat Support Co. of the 509th Airborne Combat Team station near Verona Italy in 1976. When those members return to the Untied States and assigned to other bases the club stated to grow around the country. The named Wingmen comes from term used by pilots when the fly together in order to cover one another. For more information about the Wingmen MC please visit their website at:

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