Friday, March 17, 2017


   On Thursday 16- Bogota the Bogota Recreation Center held its final class in Etiquette training. This was taught by Nivia Rojas-Lopes  from the Metropolitan School of Etiquette and Protocol. This was a six week course that was attended by eleven Students of both Young Woman and Young Men. There was also range in ages from early grade school to pre-teens. The course taught range from the proper way to greet and introduce ones self to new people, and acquaintances of existing friends. The Students were also taught how to talk on a telephone, along with the importance of hand written correspondence including invitational and thank-you notes.  The final several classes focused on causal and formal table manners. The Students were shown what a formal table setting should include and how to use each item properly. Ms Rojas-Lopes explained the differences between American and Continental dinning etiquette.  She also explained the importance to use the same lessons even at a casual dinning setting with Family and Friends. She told the Students that the continuing  use of proper manners will allow an person to become relaxed and more confident in using them. This will in turn allow the person to be more confident in themselves. 
   All of the weeks training were on display in the final part of Thursday class when the Parents of the Students were invited to attend the class. This was used as an opportunity to test the Students to meet the Parents of others and to introduce their parents to fellow classmates.  The Students were able to explain to the Adults what they have learned, and why it will be important for them to use this knowledge in the years to come.
  All the Students were presented with Certificates honouring their successful completion of the course.

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