Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Updated Schedules


    As of 5:00p on Tuesday 13-March the following updates have been announced.
 -- All three schools of the Bogota Public School system will be closed. The Senior vs Facility basketball game will be moved to Wednesday-22-March starting at 7:00p.
-- The St.Joseph's School will be closed. The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Dinner/Theatre has been moved to Wednesday-22-March starting at 6:00p.

 -- The Bogota Police have issued the following announcement:
     1) All parking bans are still in effect. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING and NO PARKING on any roadways in the borough except in specific locations where it is permitted. 
This allows the DPW to continue to safely clear the roadways.
2) All sidewalks and driveways must be cleared within 18 hrs. of the last snowfall.
3) DO NOT shovel, throw, blow, place or find new inventive ways to put snow on the street after the DPW clears the roadway.
4) DO help your neighbors and the elderly clear their snow, many hands make light work.‼️
5) Get something warm to drink and enjoy the day with your family.

- Regular trash collection in Bogota will resume on Friday-17-March.
- Wednesday recycling will be collected based on the Bogota DPW  finishing snow removal and clean-up of Borough Streets. 

-- Bergen County Government Offices will reopen on Wednesday 14-March

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