Tuesday, March 7, 2017


  On Tuesday-7-March demolition of the Bogota Department of Public works building began.  Crews took just over an hour and half to knock down the build, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. For  the past year the building has been unusable and a temporary sculpture has been used for the Dept. vehicles. In mid 2016 a new garage has built to house some of the vehicles from the old building. The DPW offices have been move to trailers on site and final improvement  was made this year to allow the replacement building to move forward.  The proposed replacement will be a two store structure sitting on the existing footprint. The top floor will consist of offices, changing rooms, a break area, and storage. This will allow for a more open main floor, and will be able to accommodate additional vehicles.

Old DPW Building

Damaged from Hurricane Sandy

New secondary garage 

Proposed new DPW  Building

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