Thursday, March 23, 2017

St. Joseph's Holmes

   On Wednesday-22-March the St. Joseph's School in Bogota presented their eight annual Sherlock Holmes Dinner Theatre. This years production was "Sherlock Holmes and the Ring of Terror"  In the prelude toward the main story. Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson were on the trail of a Mystery Man. When the two  closed in on their suspect it was reviled that it was former Principal James Newman returning to visit his past Students.
   In  "Ring of Terror" Mr. Holmes is in search of a of a gang of associates of the late Professor Moriarty, who are seeking to create an unstable British, and European economy.  Through-out the story Mr. Holmes is trouble by vision of his late Mother urging him to use the lessons of logic and deduction to solve the case.Another element of surprise confronts Mr. Holmes when it is learned that his Father may be plying a part in the act of violence occurring in London.

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