Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bogota Beautiful

  On Wednesday-16-May Bogota Beautiful held their meeting for the Month of May. The main focus of this meeting was to recap some of their completed projects. With their  Zumba event completed they talked about how to make this a more successful event in the future. One idea was to have a team of instructors scheduled so that if one was unable to lead the class a second instructor would be able to take over. Another was the trying to schedule classes during a time when there would be less cancellations because of weather. They also thank Bogart  Church the use of their recreational space to have the classes.
  The next event discussed was this years Earth Day clean-up. The number of Volunteers attending this event was smaller than normal, with the effort of those attending achieving similar results. The smaller groups were able effectively clean the areas that were scheduled for attention. Since their first Earth Day clean-up the effort needed to clean public area of Bogota has been reduce. This, in part, comes for massive number of areas worked on four years ago. Along with the Bogota Department of Public Works in diligently maintaining Bogota parks and public space through out the year. Some ideas for next year that were brought up was making the Earth Day clean-up a more educational and interactive event. They also talked about a plan to asked the citizens of the Borough for more input of what areas they would like to see benefit from the Volunteer for clean up. 
  One new project mention was to plant wildflowers in certain public spaces in Bogota. As of now the target date for this event would be Saturday-2-June. Bogota beautiful would proved a range of wildflowers seeds that would easily be planted in the selected area. They are now accepting suggests on which parts of Bogota would most benefit from this endeavor. They would also like a have a few volunteers to help with the planting.
   At the end of the meeting Bogota Beautiful Chairperson Amaru Bustamante  asked the member in attendance their thoughts on how to continue to grow Bogota Beautiful beyond their original mandate. The groups initial  mission statement was to ".. contribute to a greater quality of life... for Bogota, NJ residents via beautification, improvement project and community building events."  With the yearly Earth Day clean up, flower planters on W. Main st and the success of the Bogota Community Garden they feel they have achieved these goals. Chairperson Bustamante express the idea for Bogota Beautiful should expand to bring a greater sense of community for Bogota. One way is to  become more active with programs that will enhance the health and wellness of the resident of the Borough. Other programs should include focusing on ways to increase the promotion of the Arts and Environmental concerns in Bogota. This could bring a greater feel of prosperity to individuals and business in  Bogota as well as the surrounding communities. Another goal for the future is to become more interactive in working with other community groups. To assist them with their projects and increase a sense of community cooperation together. His final point was Bogota Beautiful needs to be more aggressive in attracting new members and informing new residents of Bogota of the benefit of working with Bogota Beautiful in order to bring a greater "sense of living among beauty and abundance".
   For more information  on volunteering for any Bogota Beautiful project. Or to join Bogota Beautiful as a Active, or Prospective member, and  to donate to help Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at :  or email them at: 
  The next Bogota Beautiful will be on Wednesday 20-June. This will be held at the Kennedy Emergency Services Building located at 69 W. Main St Bogota, NJ starting at 7:30p. And is open to the Public
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