Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Arbor Day Posters

   On Friday-27-April Bogota Councilwoman Daniele Fede awarded the prizes to the winners in the annual Arbor Poster Contest. This years theme was to explain hoe trees are beneficial to the community. This was open to the fifth grade class of both Bixby and Steen school. The assignment was to explain the importance of living in an area with a strong and healthy tree population. This would be done in drawing, and text of  listing how taking care of living plants and trees improve the environment where they are located.
   The Steen winners were:  Saif Ahmed taking first place. Then Lauren Huarhua in second, in  third was Gabriella Petingi, with Iris Sun given Honorable Mention .

                                                        photos courtesy of Daniele Fede

   The Bixby winners were: Samiya Fatima for first place, second place going to Paige Amirra Russell
and Liliana Ataalla  awarded third place.
   Earlier in April the Student and Facility of Bixby School raised over $200.00 to support Autism Speaks.

                                                     photos courtesy of Daniele Fede

   photo courtesy of Doreen Lechuga

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