Friday, November 23, 2018

All League

 The North Jersey Interscholastic Conference have announce their all League teams for the Patriot Division. 
 In Volleyball: 
 - League Championship ( for the 15 straight year)
First Team 
Briana Lozano
Leila Kisyer
Alyssa Vazquez
Julianne Corniel
Nylene Mateo
Second Team
Sophia Marquez
Olivia Rosado
Honorable Mention
Kiara Polanco

 In Cross Country:  Women's team
- League  and Team Champions
First Team
 Angelie Jaipersaud
Gabrielle Grant
Ashley Gomez
Natalie Hardwick
Second Team
Lara Pena
Honorable Mention
Aisling O’Hagan
Ashley Bautista

In Cross Country:  Men's team
- League  and Team Champions
First Team
Jimmy Gutierrez
Jesus Michel
Second Team
Mauricio Valerio
Adam Albino
Leandro Rojas
Honorable Mention
Vincent Ducut
Coach of the year
Pat Rochford

In Football:
First Team
Andrew Miller
Frank Petaccia
Second Team
Ashanti Caviness
Jason Nunez
Eris Rosario
George Coronel
Carlos Garcia
Honorable Mention
Emilo Briones
Stephen Papastefanou

In Soccer:

Second Team
Kyle Torres 
Honorable Mention
Fady Sarabamon

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