Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Class 08

   On Tuesday-13 November  The Emergency Services Youth Academy (formerly known as the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy) held its first staff meeting to begin the planning for Class 08. After taking a year off, due to financial and logistic conditions, The  Emergency Services Youth Academy has become a non-profit corporation which will allow the Academy to become more self sufficient. Along with the name, some other changes were announced. Starting with Class 08  only Students who will be entering Middle School and High School in September  2019 will be eligible to apply.  For Class 08 Students who will entering 7th,8th, and 9th grades and attend a Bogota Public School, St.Joseph's School , or who are resident of Bogota may apply.  This raises the age of the Cadet by one year. It was explained that the Academy's focus will be more intense training, and gear  its training to prepare Student for the challenge of today's High School experience. 
  The Emergency Services Youth Academy will also be accepting sponsorship, and provider opportunities, from local, and national business.  They will now be able to grant these business, tax deductions for supporting  The Emergency Services Youth Academy, with financial aid, or donation of goods and services.  The Academy will also be starting an Alumni/ Parent cooperative. This will allow any Academy Alumni, Cadet or Alumni Parent, and any Resident who wishes to help, to work with The Emergency Services Youth Academy with planning, organizational, or any logistical assist they can provided.  The plan is to have more community involvement with the Academy and allow the the Academy Staff more time to focus on the training the Students of Bogota. 
  It was announced that Class 08 will be held in August of 2019. An Official  announcement will be made when times and dates are confirmed.  The Emergency Services Youth Academy will again be headquarter at Bogota High School, with some duty days activities held in other locations. 
    For more information about Class 08 of The Emergency Services Youth Academy, or how to assist the Academy with it mission to be the elite Middle School Summer Academy in New Jersey please contact them the Emergency Services Youth Academy website at:  or by email at

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports

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