Tuesday, April 16, 2019

ESYA Introduction

   On Monday-15-April the Emergency Services Youth Academy (ESYA)  held an introduction meeting to discuss the start of Class 08 in August of 2019. This was held at the Bogota Recreation Centre a was lead by Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch. In attendance was about 60 people which included Academy Alumni Cadets. Parents of Alumni Cadets, along with Parents, and Students of prospective recruits. Sgt Lynch gave a brief history of the Youth Academy and what their goals are for Class 08.
  Started in the Summer of 2010 as the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy, it has quickly become the premier summer Youth Academy in Northern New Jersey, and the rest of the area. Starting with Class 08 ESYA will be accepting Student who have graduated 6th,7th,& 8th grade in any of the schools with in Bogota. They will also accept those Students who are resident of the Borough, even if they attend a school in a outside district.
  Sgt Lynch talked about what makes ESYA different and better than other nearby summer programs. One such difference is that all graduating Cadet will be certified in the use of CPR in case of an emergency situation. Since then other summer programs have incorporated that in they programs. ESYA has been the only summer academy to offer SCUBA training, which allows Cadets to become comfortable in a different environment. At this time on other summer programs offer this. Sgt Lynch told the attendees that all of the activities the Cadets will be trained in will be hands on.The Cadets will be shown a skill, then will be asked to perform the skill in a qualified manner, before moving on. he mention that he has turned down offers from the County, and US Military because they would not allow the Cadet to perform the task being demonstrated. This shows one of the principals of the Academy that it will allow a Cadet to perform beyond of what they think their limit may be and grow even further. Sgt  Lynch explained that this is done using the Military model for Academy training. The instructors in the Academy are from a Military, or Law Enforcement background whose primary goal is the safety of the Cadets. In the first seven years of the program there have been over 450 Cadets that have graduated the program. In that time no one has been involved in a type of injury that required outside treatment. The Academy will alway have trained Medical professions that have handle all situation that have arrived during a duty day.
   Since 2010 Academy Alumni have become leaders in their schools. This ranges from becoming member of national honor societies,  to Captain of Sporting team and class valedictorian. This also includes at least 5 Alumni that have enlisted in the US Military.
   Sgt Lynch ended by saying that the parents of a Cadet will know the training is a succus if their Student comes home at the end of a Duty Day and needs to go to sleep as soon as possible.  Then the next morning they are also trying to get back to the Academy event faster.
  The Parents were told that the next important date is Saturday-4-May. This will be the first day for the Students to pick-up application for Class 08. This will take place at the W. Broad St Firehouse in Bogota. Doors will open at 0700. The application must be completed and returned before 19:00 (7:00p) on Saturday-11-May. Only the Students themselves wishing to attend Class 08 will be allowed to pick-up an application, and the application must be filled out by the Student.
  Another date was Friday-17-May. This is the annual Academy Fundraising dinner to be held at the Bogota VFW post 5561 Hall. at this dinner the Academy will announce the first 10 recruits that will be accepted into Class 08.
   Class 08 will run from Thursday-1-August to Tuesday-13-August. Any  Student wishing to be apart of Class 08 must be able be in attendance for all of these dates.
    For more information,  about the  Emergency Services Youth Academy please visit their website at : www.bpesya.com  or by email at BPESYA@outlook.com

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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