Friday, April 12, 2019

Fence Weaving part 2

    On Thursday-11-April ArtsBeregn hosted the second session of the fence weaving project that will be decorating the eastern fence along the Little League field in Olsen Park.  In February the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation ( NNJCF) hosted a Connect the Dots events in conjunction with Bogota Beautiful which held a design workshop in Bogota. This allowed members of the public to create designs to be woven into the fence. The designs are based on theme showing the connection of the Hackensack River and the commutes it passes through. 
   This next workshop was held at the Makers Space at Bergen County Academy in Hackensack.  At this session the public was allowed to design medallions that will be added to the weaving, that will embellishment the art work. Those in attendance either submitted, or created designs to be used that evening. The designs are then produced and will be placed on a  4 inch disc that will be made by the use of a 3-D printer, or created by the use of computer guided cutting machines. Some of the Bogota residents in attendance included Bogota Councilman Robert Robbins,  Bogota Beautiful Chairperson Amaru Bustamante and  Community Garden Board Member Joseph Gallagher. The public was aided by Volunteers from the Makers Space to help them with their designs. The volunteers answered questions of  how a design should look based on the type of process they wanted to be used for their medallion. Some designs would be better if 3-D printed, others should be etched into a hard surface, and some designs could be cut out that will give the design a more open feel. 
   Councilman Robbins worked on the creation of a medallion that will have  the Bogota 125th Anniversary Logo on it. Also at this event  Lead Artist Katherine Daniels showed Councilman Robbins,  Chairperson Bustamante and other her rendering of that the installation will look like. The main element will be blue and white ribbons, representing the Hackensack River, This will run the length of the project and will have the individual design interspersed along the river. The installation has a working title of “ The Path of Us” to  show the link the Hackensack River has to the towns, and people living near it. 
  The art work will be installed as part of the Bogota Earth Day event scheduled for Saturday-4-May. It will run along the fence facing W. Main St and be most visible when traveling west toward the Ryan Memorial Bridge. The art work will be on display for one year after completion and is a part of the Bogota 125th Anniversary celebration. 
  For more information about this art project please contact Bogota Beautiful at:  or email them at:
Or by contacting the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation at:

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports
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