Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bogota Board of Education

   On Tuesday-23-April the Bogota Board of Education held its first meeting for the month of April. In his opening report Superintendent Damien Kennedy explained the reasoning for the change in the scheduled at the end of the school year. Mr. Kennedy said that because of the unused weather days during the school years the last day of classes will now be Friday-21- June. For the elementary schools Monday-17 to Friday-21 June will be half day sessions. For the High School Monday-17 to Wednesday-19-June along with Friday-21 June will be half day sessions. Thursday-20-June will be a Full Day session. 
   Other notable items on the agenda are the approval  to submit an application for a Community Learning Centre grant. If the grant is approved for Bogota it will create after school programs at both Steen and Bixby Schools. Another item was to approve a contract in install a Emergency Notification System for all public school under control of the Board of Education. This will allow for one button alert to the Bogota Police Dept, and safety measures in the building incase of an emergency. 
  These items and the calendar change will be formally voted on with the rest of the consent agenda at the next Board of Education meeting scheduled for Tuesday-30-April.
   During the public comment section a resident from Teaneck addressed the board. He owns the property that abuts the recreation grounds behind the High School. Over the Spring Break some Students playing in the basketball courts had their ball go over the fence causing damage to his property. He asked the board if a netting could be installed to fix this problem. He was told the School Board would look into installing net. He was also asked if he sees Students in the playground on off days, or weekends he should contact the Bogota Police, because that area is closed after School hours
   The Next Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday-30-April. At this meeting there will be a presentation of the Board of Education's 2019-20 budget.  A user friendly copy of this budget can be seen on the Board of Education's website at: budget  The meeting will be held in the High School Cafeteria  located on the second floor of 2 Henry Luthin Pl.  Bogota, NJ. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:00p. The Public is invited to attend. 

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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