Monday, July 29, 2019

Shred Day 2019

   On Saturday-27-July the Borough of Bogota  in cooperation with the Bergen County Utilities  Authority  hosted a paper shredding event. This took place in the parking lot of the Bogota Recreation Center.  A steady stream of residents that morning came by to dropped off unneeded papers to be disposed of. Members of  Bogota Dept. of Public Works, and the Bogota Environmental Committee assisted residents with their excess paper products. Items such as sensitive & business documents were taken were taken away to be disposed of  securely. The documents were placed in a bin, then lifted into the shredding truck parked there.  The contents were then placed into the shredding machine to be cut into small strips.  The strips are then formed into bales in the back of the truck. The truck itself is locked and secured until it returns to the recycling plant. After the truck is unloaded the bales are then processed into paper slurry which is then sold to paper mills which then can be turn into bath & facial tissues. Many companies are now producing tissues products that are comprised of 100% recycled material.  The advantage of this is less solid waste needed to go into landfills and more trees allowed to remain growing. During collection some residents  had their documents in cardboard boxes that, when emptied, were returned to the owner.  Those who deliveries their documents in plastic bags had a choice. The bags could be returned to the owner to be refilled for next year or left at the event. The  bags were left were added to the plastic bag recycling program.  
   Starting last year The Trex Corporation has provided bins to accept the such items which are no longer allowed to be accepted as part of the regular plastic recycling program.  For every 500 pounds of plastic collected the Trex Corporation will donate a new park bench, made from recycled materials. The benches will be donated to both Bogota and Ridgfield Park on a rotating basis. As of now a Trex collection bin is in the lobby of the Bogota Borough Hall and  the Bogota Public Library can be accessed  during  regular business hours.  The following items: Grocery bags, bread bags, case overwrapping, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, wood pellet bags, zip lock & other re-seal able bags, produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags, and cereal bags will be accepted as part of this program. All  recyclable materials must be clean, dry and free of food residue.
   Due to changes with the recycling firms used by the Borough the Bogota Department of Public Works can only accept a limited number of products. The items  now that can be recycled are bottle & cans limited to: Aluminium, Glass, Bi-metal/Tin cans. Aluminium foils and pie plates will also be accepted, but must be clean. Plastic Containers with the symbol  1, 2, or 5  also be the only type  of plastic that will be accepted.  All recyclable material must be placed in reusable trash receptacles, items places in plastic bag will not be collected. Paper and cardboard that are free of food grease, or other food residue will be the only ones to be  accepted for recycling.
  For more information about recycling please visit the DPW website at:

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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