Monday, February 3, 2020

Medical Absences

    Bogota Public School Board Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy has sent a memo detailing the Board of Education Policy on Students illnesses. The official policy reads :

"Any student retained at home or excluded from school by reason of having or being suspected of having a communicable disease shall not be readmitted to his/her classroom until he/she presents written evidence of being free of communicable disease.  That evidence may be supplied by the school medical inspector or another qualified physician who has examined the student."

    In his memo Superintendent Kennedy listed the criteria recommended by the New Jersey Dept of Health, to follow in making the decision on whether or not a Student should stay home from school.  He added his concerns,  "to prevent the spread of germs from one Student to another, and to safeguard the health of both the Students and the staff.  The following are some guidelines that should help a Parent or Guardian in making an informed decision about whether or not to send your child to school.  If your child is sick, please keep them home".

1. Vomiting - Students should be symptom-free for 24 hours and be able to hold down food and fluids before returning to school.
2. Strep ThroatStudents may return to school  24-48 hours after the first dose of antibiotic therapy has been started, in accordance with your doctor’s orders.  The student must feel well enough to attend, and must not present with any other signs or symptoms, such as elevated temperature. (The strep virus can cause scarlet fever/scarlatina if left untreated.)   
3. Fever (over 100)—Students may return to school when their temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours, without having taken temperature-lowering medication.
4. Cold—Students should stay home if they are too uncomfortable to complete work.  Students should also stay home if they have a persistent or severe cough, especially as in croup. Students may return to school when their temperature and activity level have returned to normal.
5. Skin Rashes—If the student exhibits a skin rash of undetermined origin, please consult your physician before sending the student to school.  A doctor’s note stating the condition is not contagious may be necessary for the student to return to school.
6. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)—If a student has been diagnosed as having conjunctivitis, they may return to school with a doctor’s note stating they are being treated for the condition, and they are no longer contagious.  The student should have no evidence of discharge from the eyes.

-Additionally  medically excused students do not have a maximum number of days but if more than ten days occur in a row the School Board will have to make arrangements to educate the Student.  

 For more information to determine if a Student should have a medical excuse absence please contact your Family physician, or other healthcare providers.  

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