Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ridgefield Park Class of 2020

   On Friday-19- June the Ridgefield Park High School held a virtual Commencement Ceremony for the Senior Class of 2020. To view this video please go to: 
  The video started with High School Principal Mr. Eric Koenig welcoming the viewers to this presentation. Principal Koenig mentioned that this Class born  in 2001 and having to graduate in 2020 will be remembered for its place in history. He said that, with that background, and their willingness to take action in recent years will show how they have learned a number of lessons.  Through Academic, Athletic, and life challenges they have already faced, this class of Seniors can use these experiences to face any future obstacles  presented to them. Principal Koenig then introduced the Valedictorian Adriana Sarduy to give her address. Ms Sarduy asked her follow graduates not to look at the past and think about what they might have missed, but plan for a future to show who they are. She wants the Class of 2020 to Believe in the Beauty  of their Dreams. 
   The next speaker was Superintendent Dr. Angela Bender with her first Commencement  ceremony as head of the Ridgefield Park School District.  She said that every graduating class will talk about stories from their High School years, this class will have a distinction unique to themselves.  Dr. Bender told the graduates that in their lives they needed to learn and adapt to changes at an extortionately fast pace. Then have their Senior year come to a crashing halt. She said it was her pleasure to watch these Students help when they could, while still focusing on  their education. She urged the Class of 2020 to continue to make their history happen. 
   Then both, the Ridgefield Park Board of Education President Mr. Robert Thiemann, and Little Ferry  Superintendent of Schools Mr. Frank Scarafile  congratulated the graduates on their accompaniments.  
  Principal Koenig then presented the 2020 Graduating Class of Ridgefield Park High School, showing each member of the Senior Class. Some of the Graduates included photos of them wearing their Cap and Gowns, and even a few virtual cap toss. 
   Following this the Mayor of Little Ferry Mr. Mauro Rauseo, and former Mayor George Fosdick RPHS Class of ‘59 wished the Students success in what every their future  holds.  After the Mayor’s messages some notable Alumni also gave well wishes to the newest Alumni of Ridgefield Park High School. The video ended with past Chorus Teacher Paul  Simone singing “Change The World” to the graduates. 
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photos courtesy of Ridgefield Park High School

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