Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Mayor Anlian Updates

 On Tuesday-2-June the Village of Ridgefield Park’s Mayor John Anlian gave his first update since he was appointed Village Mayor..  This was broadcast on the Ridgefield Park Office of Emergency Management’s facebook page. It can be seen at:  
   At the start of his update he released the current number of confirmed positive cases for Ridgefield Park. That number was 280 cases. This was only 8 more cases than approximately two week ago.  Mayor Anlian  said this was showing that a spread of the virus is still reducing down. He also said that the testing site at Bergen Community College will stay open until the end of June.  Days of operation are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday on a first come first serve basis. 
   Then Mayor Anlian talked about the next phase of  opening Business in New Jersey. This is schedule to begin on Monday-15-June. One of the restrictions that is set to be reduced is opening of outdoor dining for restaurants.  He said that the sidewalks on Main Street are too narrow to allow this to happen safely. The Board of Commissioner are planning to close the parking spaces on the west side of Main Street to allow outdoor tables and seating, and still keep the sidewalks open. Another measure beginning taken is to resume morning street sweeping in Ridgefield Park.  This means that  alternate side parking regulation are again in affect.  There will be a 10 day grace period to comply with the law, then after that ticket and summons will be issued.
  Mayor Anlian  then talked about other programs and facilitates that are still affected. The Community Pool will be unable to be open this Summer. The Summer parks recreation  programs will also be canceled for the Summer of 2020.  The Summer Concert series is being planned, but no dates have been announced due to the Village waiting on further guidelines  from the State of New Jersey. The Annual Fourth of July parade is also being planned. Some of the changes that may need to be made is that all participant will travel the route inside a motor vehicle.  The Parade route may also be lengthen so that everyone wishing to attend can be maintain safe distancing.  
   Some other restriction that are scheduled to be eased on Monday-15-June includes:
 Expanded retail, Restaurants with outdoor seating, Limited personal care, Indoor dining with “significantly reduced capacity”, Museums with “significantly reduced capacity”, Libraries with “significantly reduced capacity”,  Avoid public transit unless you cannot work from home, Child care/education status, “Potential for some in-person learning with modifications in K-12 and higher education”, Child care may expand with capacity restrictions, Summer school and summer camps may have “limited in-person engagement” if health conditions improve. and Offices. 
  Then Mayor Anlian commended the Fire Fighter of the Ridgefield Park Volunteer Fire Department for their effort to a contain House fire at Summit St. On Monday-1-June. Next Mayor Anlian asked Ridgefield Park Police Chief Joe Rella to speak on National Safety issues. Chief Rella said that  The Police Department is in discussion with local groups and members of the Ridgefield Park Board of Education to present a unified message of remembrance of loss of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis Minn. along with highlighting the need to be in support of peaceful protest.
  For questions about any assistance residents of the Ridgefield Park  may need information can be found at the Village  website at :
  The next meeting schedule for the Village Government will be a Regular meeting on Tuesday-9-June scheduled to start at 7:30p.  This will be a virtual meeting with access information to follow 

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photos courtesy of the Ridgefield Park OEM  facebook page

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