Friday, June 26, 2020

Ridgefield Park Board of Education

 On Wednesday-24-June the Ridgefield Park Board of Education held their second meeting for the Month of June.  In her Superintendent’s report Dr. Angela Bender said that the district is still waiting on the State of New Jersey for guidelines on how the start of the 2020-21 will operate. With that she added that the District is planning to send a survey to Parents so they can give their option about the next school year. Dr. Bender also asked the Board to approve a resolution to ensure that the Public Schools of Ridgefield Park will commit to expanding Restorative Justice philosophy and practices that respects the differences of all Students and Staff regardless of Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religious, and Economic backgrounds.
 When the meeting was opened to Public Comments  a majority of the questions and statements made were to inquire about the resignation of School Psychologist  Ms. Stacy Jerome. They supported the work of Ms. Jerome with the Students, and were upset about her leaving. In answering  Dr. Bender saying that she also appreciated  and thanked Ms. Jerome for her service to the Student of Ridgefield Park. Dr. Bender added that a new Part Time Psychologist will be filled and other school Counselors are qualified to also perform the duties of  Psychologist.
  All the items on the agenda were passed.
  The next Board of Education is scheduled for Wednesday-22-July with the public session starting at 7:30p.  For more information on location and access, which will be announced at a later date, please visit their web-site at

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