Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Teaneck Class of 2020

   On Monday-22- June the Teaneck High School held a virtual Commencement Ceremony for the Senior Class of 2020. To view this video please go to:  https://teaneckhigh.stageclip.com/
   The video started with a congratulatory message to the Senior Class from former New York Giant player Michael Strahan. This was immediately followed by the by a performance by the Teaneck High School band playing ' Let's Grove Tonight". Then Ms.  Dallas Jennette THS Class of ‘19 sang the National Anthem. Dean of the Senior Class Ms. Natasha Green gave the welcoming address. After this, Student from the High School then welcomed everyone who was viewing this ceremony in the native languages of their heritage.  High School Principal Mr. Clifton Thompson gave his opening address. He asked the graduates to give a Thank-you two everyone that had helped then to get to this point in their lives. Principal Thompson then used a story about a visit to Muhammed  Ali to inspire the Seniors. This occurred as Mr. Ali was suffering from the effects of Parkinson disease. When the former Boxing Champion started to perform some magic tricks the symptoms appeared to leave him as he performed.  A quote by Mr Ali was that the payment for living on Earth was to serve others.  So when he gave a performance for those around him, his service to other was stronger than his condition. Principal Thompson told his Graduates that their service to help their town, their country, and their world will be stronger than the current event of this day.  And they can make life better than it is today.  
  The next to speak was Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin THS Class of ‘91. Mayor  Hameeduddin said the Students born in 2001 gave hope their Families then. Now during a different crisis the Graduates of 2020  have a chance to lead the way forward. Drawing  inspiration of past Highwaymen Basketball teams he hopes these Women and Men will call  “WE GOT NEXT” and take on  lead on the new challenges ahead. Class President Ms Gabriella Sanchez and Vice President  Ms. Sydney Amaro followed by recalling how the Student this year came together to organize and take action when needed. After this came the Salutatorian Address by Ms. Dina Scott. She used the fact she had uncertainty in public speaking, but was able to record this message as a positive.  Ms. Scott  asked her Classmates to also find the positives in the current situation.  She said the problems, that could have happen, did not stop her Classmates from achieving their goal. She credited the years attending  “The Castle On The Hill” for lessons learned to get to this day. 
  Superintendent of School Dr. Christopher Irving took the time to share a message to the Class of 2020. Calling the Student resilient for this year while still being a class together. Dr.  Irving highlighted some of the Students that will leave with a lasting imprint on him and the High School. Next came Board of Education President Dr. Ardie Walser. He congratulated the Class of 2020 and their Families for the work needed to graduate. He also said that when they work for inclusiveness times will improve. To this end Dr. Walser requested that these new Adults use their power of the vote to have their voice heard.  To have control over what they think is important then they must use the power of the Ballot for positive change.
 Class advisors Ms Alexandra Cavallo and Mr. Douglas Book introduced a video tribute to the Teaneck Class of 2020. After the video ended the 2020 Valedictorian  Ms. Yasmine Halmane gave her address. She gave her speech while on the front steps of the High School. Ms Halmane used this location to talk about entering the school for the first time. The young Freshman performed that walk is very different from the Woman standing there now. From learning how to navigate the building, to discovering new friends and experiences was as important as the class work that took place within these walls. Not ending their Senior year the way they had hoped was just on thing Ms Halmane mentioned.  Another was that the events of the past few months should serve as “A Wake-up Call”  to her fellow graduates. From the reaction of the health care system to the pandemic, Economic and Social injustices along  with the Political climate.  This years graduates should now climb more steps to help in-act useful changes. She reminded the Student Body that, just in the time they have been in High School, they have come together for Gun safety and to stand in front of the Board of Education about concerns of the High School Administration. With this history of working as a whole for improvement the Class of 2020 can also be the leader for this generation. 
   It was then time for Superintendent of School Dr. Christopher Irving to offer the certification of the Graduating Class of Teaneck High School for the year 2020.  This was proudly accepted by Board of Education President Dr. Ardie Walser.  Dr. Walser once said that serving on the Board of Education is a voluntary position. But the payment is to present the Women and Men of Teaneck High School their diplomas upon Graduation. With this, the Class of 2020 was present to the public with a slide show of photos and messages from the Seniors. This included the remembrance of Saige Aluke in Memoriam as a member of the Class of 2020. 
 The final speaker was Vice Principal Ms Margot Todman- Mack gave the closing remarks. She thanked the Graduates the work they displayed over the last for years, especially in the last several months.  The Ms. Christine Mayer THS Class of ‘96 and Ms. Corin Jones THS Class of ‘20 Sang the Alma Mater.

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photos courtesy of Teaneck High School

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