Friday, June 12, 2020

Steen Graduation

   On Thursday-11-June the Lillian M. Steen School in Bogota held a virtual Graduation Ceremony for the Sixth Grade Class of 2020. A replay of this can be found at:  . It can also be access on the Bogota BucNation You Tube page. The introduction was given by Interim Principal Mr. Vincent Caramico.  He open his comment by saying that this year was the most unprecedented experience in his 20 years of service as an Educator. He praise the Staff, Parents,  and most importantly the Students for the continuing work they needed to over come the current situation. He urged the Student to embrace the fact this is one of the first mile-stones in their lives. Principal Caramico hopes that the years at Steen will encourage The Students to enjoy the next frontier of Middle School, to High School and beyond. And drink-in all the experiences they will offer.
 The next speaker was Bogota School District Superintendent Mr. Damian Kennedy. His message to the Students was while this is an end in one part of their life, it is building block to the rest of their lives. They need to remember the lessons learned and support of their  Parents.  They will now need to start taking more responsible for their own action and decisions. Some of his advice is to work hard and do not give-up even those challenges will not be easy. Prepare and ask for help when need, to be good at anything  it will need patience and practice.  Try and find new experiences, this can be done by being involved the many activities that will be available at the Middle and High School levels. Be respectful of  your Parents, Friend, Classmate Teachers, Adults and most importantly yourself.  Superintendent Kennedy finished by quoting the Dalai Lama " If you think you are to small to make a difference. Try going to sleep with a mosquito in your room." 
  Then Sixth Grade Teacher  Ms. Giunchini acknowledged perseverance of this years Sixth Grade Class. She then presented a slide show highlighting of each of the 41 Students that comprised the Graduating Class for Lillian M Steen School in 2020.  Following the slide show Sixth Grade Teacher  Ms. Tomlison wished the Graduates well and presented the list of awards the Student have earned this year.  
   The closing remarks were given by Steen Principal Ms Dayle Collins. While away on maternity leave earlier this year she hoped to return for their Graduation Ceremony.  She told the Graduate how proud she is of their accomplishment in this year.  She also hope they can find the time to come back for a proper good-bye. She left them with words that helped her thorough out the rest of her academic life. "Be who you are  because that those who matter don't mind. Those who mind don't matter" By Dr. Seuss.

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photos courtesy of Lillian M Steen School

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