Friday, June 12, 2020

Ridgefield Park Board of Education

 On Wednesday-10- June the Ridgefield Park Board of Education  held their first meeting for their month of June. 
   In her Superintendent's report Dr. Angela Bender said that with the expansion of allowable indoor gatherings, Facility will be allowed to enter the schools so that they may begin to collected Students personal item. This is scheduled to start on Monday-15-June.  Staff will gather and box items that were forced to be left in the building due to the sudden closures in March. A schedule of when Student will be allowed to retrieve their items, and return school property is still being planned.  Dr. Bender express her frustration that the State of New Jersey has not offer full guild-lines on the safest procedures to allow the building to be reopen on a limited basis. This includes on how to hold any type of ceremony to recognize the Student either Graduation from High School, or moving up ceremonies for the current  Elementary School Students.  The State of new Jersey will allow limited Graduation  ceremonies after Friday-3-July.  The School District has sent out questionnaire to the High School Senior asking for their option on three option. There may also be a combination of options as well.  
   When it was time for the Board of Trustees to vote on the agenda items all the resolutions  passed.  Some of the more noteworthy item that passed were  the waiving of the  graduation
requirement of 30 hours of community service and the 2.5 credits awarded for this school year only. The authorization of funding scholarship awards: the Mary Kassakian Scholarship and the Jeffrey G. Schalk Memorial Art Scholarship. For both, payment to be made upon proper proof of college registration.
 Under the personal category a number of  retirement and resignation were approved.  The retirement of Teacher Assistant Mrs. Cindy Frank, and Secretary Mrs. June Bauernschmidt.  Resignations were: Teacher Assistant Ms.Chris Anne Kelemen  English Teacher Mrs. Ann  Marie Torres,   Special Education Teacher Mrs.Lauren Vacca, and Assistant School Business Administrator Ms. Dawn Cherry.  The hiring of four new Principals were approved.  For Roosevelt School Mr. Jason Cata
For Lincoln School Dr. Stephen Ferraro
For Grant School Ms. Natasha Hernandez
For the Ridgefield Park Middle School Ms. Dyan Thiemann 
The Elementary  Principal where approved by a a 9-0 vote with one abstention. The Middle School Principal was approved by an 8-2 vote.  The Middle School principal's contract will be in-effect starting on Wednesday-1-July-2020. The Middle School Principal's contract will be in-effect starting on Saturday-15-August-2020. All contract will run until 30-June-2021.
    The next Board of Education is scheduled for Wednesday-24-June starting at 7:00p. Information on location and access will be announced at a later date on their website at:

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