Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Bogota Board of Education

   On Tuesday-16-June the Bogota Board of Education held their second meeting for the month of June. In his Superintendent report Mr. Damian Kennedy first mentioned the four virtual ceremonies that took place recently. While the High School Graduation had a delay in airing all were able to be viewed on line. The three Graduation, and Senior Award video are now able to be seen on the District Bogota BucNation you tube page at: Bogota BucNation . Superintendent Kennedy said the hope is to have a type live event during the first week in July. This is still dependent on when the State of New Jersey releases the safety guild lines protocol for large events.  He next said that with the end of the school year that all Students should take a two week break from online learning to enjoy some time off. Summer virtual lesson will begin in July.  Also that Student will be sent a schedule of when they can retrieve personal item from the School Building, along with the returning of school supply.  Student may keep the Chrome books they already have for the Summer session. Finally Superintendent Kennedy talked about a survey that has been sent out to Parents about the possible of having the school open again in the Fall. With a limited number of responses submitted, many Parents are concerned about sending their Children physically  back to school until progress is made in fighting the covid-19 virus. 
   The Board of Trustees voted on the agenda items. All items were passed. Some of the more noteworthy resolution were the acceptance of a number of grants.  Among the grants won by the Board of Education were ones that financially aided was a grant to add genetic testing and analysis capability to the science department. Another was to help fund the addition to have more musical instrument available to the Elementary School Students. Other grants will be applied to help improve physical education resource kit for remote learning and  for summer reading instruction to targeted students reading below grade level.
  Also voted on was to approve the purchase of  the building at 390 Palisade Ave. This is the former Masonic Temple. The School Board plan is to expand the classroom space in the District. This was passed by a 7-2- vote. After the trustees returned from Executive Session  they passed a three year contract for the Teachers of the Bogota Educational Association.  This also passed by a 7-2-vote.  
   This was the final scheduled Board of Education meeting for the 2019-20 school year.
   The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for Tuesday-25-August at 7:00p This would be a virtual meeting with information on how to view this meeting will follow. Updates and announcements from the Bogota Board of Education will be available at:

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