Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Creative Arts Team

    At the Bogota Borough Council meeting on Thursday-6- February  The Bogota Council, and Mayor Chris Kelemen approved the establishment of a Creative Arts Team (CAT) in the Borough of Bogota.   (disclosure:  An employee of Bogota Blog NJ has been selected to serve Bogota Creative Arts Team . This article is not an endorsement of any goods or services.) 
This committee has been formed as part of the criteria of Sustainable Jersey which proves training and funding to the municipalities in New Jersey to pursue sustainable programs  which will benefit their communities.  The goal of the Creative Arts Team is to  nurture a vibrant creative and fine arts culture within the Borough encompassing art, music, wellness and community building in accordance with Sustainable Jersey guidelines. Its goal is to establish a vision for the community to determine how arts, culture and the creative arts are harnessed to enhance the well-being of Bogota residents. 
   The Bogota Creative Arts Team will work with the Governing Body to advise Council with planning recommendations that will help to improve the growth of local business, both existing ones, and the encouraging of new business to located in the Borough. Work with the neighborhoods to promote rejuvenation for new economical development along with the expansion of arts and culture opportunities. To aid in the celebration of the ethic and culture diversity of the residents of the Borough. And to promote the communal well-being, improve the quality of life, and the safely for the citizens of Bogota.
  One the first actions of the Bogota Creative Arts Team is the conducting a Public survey to develop a plan of action.  This will help to identify opportunities for improvement in Bogota. The survey is scheduled to run through June 30 and the Public is encouraged to participate. This will allow the residents of Bogota to express their felling and thoughts on how the Bogota CAT can best serve the Public interest.  To take the survey in English please go to:  tinyurl.com/ybg4j6lj
Para tomar la encuesta en Español por favor vaya a tinyurl.com/ydcvre8n
   The Bogota CAT will also host a series of virtual focus groups to get more in-depth data from the community. They are open to the Public, but have limited capacity. Participants can register at bogotapubliclibrary.org/events.
Tuesday, 16-June at 7:00p
Wednesday, 17-June 17 at 3:00p
Friday, 19- June at 11:00a

Saturday, 20-June 20 at 11:00a

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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