Thursday, June 18, 2020

Teaneck Board of Education

   On Wednesday-17-June the Teaneck Board of Education held their second meeting of the month. In his Superintendent’s report Dr. Chris Irving announced that the graduation ceremonies for Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin Middle School as well as Teaneck High School will be held on Monday-22-June. These will all be virtual events with Thomas Jefferson’s being held first at 10:00a. Then Benjamin Franklin’s at 1:00p, finishing with the High School Commencement Exercise schedule for 5:00p. All three event will be available on the Districts you tube page located at:
  Next he said the District is trying to schedule a Town hall meeting in order to inform Parent of Teaneck Students how the 2020-21 School year will proceed. More details of this event will depend on decisions  from the State of New Jersey on what safety precaution the schools in the state must follow.  Then Dr. Irving introduced the Teaneck Student completed the STEM Spring program in cooperation with Fairleigh  Dickerson University.   
  For the Girl Exploring Engineering:
  From Benjamin Franklin Middle School:
- Allison Tabares
- Anaiyah Williams
- Solangie Langumas
From Thomas Jefferson Middle School:
- Sara Shields
- Katianna Perez
- Amanda Gerena
For Computing and Security Enrichment Outreach Program:
From Teaneck High School:
- Kasai Sanchez
- Pablo Domingez Grant 
- Nevik Fabrigas Mims
- Chase Garner
- Alia Boodooram
- Christopher Urena 
For Mathematics & Technical Enrichment and Outreach Programs:
From Teaneck High School:
- Jaden Perez
- Ahmad Jackson
- Mark Espejo
- Darnell Carter
- Angelis Heredia
- Jo’el Pinkney
- Ahmad Jackson
 Also mentioned was Geanna Marte who has been accepted to Stanford University with a Full Scholarship from Quest Bridge 
Then Salutatorian Dina Scott and Valedictorian Yasmine Halmale were also introduced. 
Next Dr. Irving introduced the those teachers and Education Service professional selected as this years Governor’s Educators of the Year. 
 The Teachers named were:
- Karen Simpson of  Whittier
-  Saundra Warren-Givens  of Hawthorne
-  Lea Ann Richards of Lowell
-  Peter Antonakis   of Bryant
-  Mariam Muheisen of  Benjamin Franklin
-  Antoinette Bush of Thomas Jefferson
-  Robert Sherbine of  Teaneck High School
The Professionals named were:
- Iris Hernandez of  Whittier 
- Rita Urevitch of Hawthorne 
- Cruz Renier of Lowell 
- Javalda Powell  of Benjamin Franklin
- Kenneth Cieslak  of Teaneck High School
There was also a report on how the improve and grow the Districts online presents in-order to allow more information to be made available, and easier for the Parent and Students.
  Then the Board of trustees moved to discuss and vote on agenda items.  Most of the item were passed with only two being rejected. Some more notable items passed were:
- To  continued Partnership between the Teaneck Creek Conservancy and the Benjamin Franklin Middle School for the 2020­-21 school year. 
- The approval to allow the following academic entities for remedial and enrichment/advancement classes for Teaneck students in grades K ­ 12 at the cost to parents/guardians.  
- To have the prices of school Breakfast and Lunch program remain the same price.
- The  Theodora Smiley Lacey School renovations has been approved and is being implemented with an anticipated opening of  Tuesday-1-September 2020 
- The continuation of the  Seamless Summer Option  Program  to allow the district to  provide all students during the pandemic and over  the  summer  breakfast  and  lunch  from March  2020 to  Thursday-3-September 2020 (the first day of school)  regardless  of income status. 
- The approval of the contract between the Teaneck Board of Education and South Bergen Joint Venture Commission to provide services for a Behavioral Disability class at Thomas Jefferson starting Tuesday-1 September -2020 through Wednesday-30-June 2021
For more information  please visit their website at:
The next Board of Education meeting will be on Wednesday-26-August  this is scheduled to be a special Public Meeting begin at 8:00p.

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