Wednesday, January 27, 2021

75TH Anniversary


   On Sunday-27-January-1946 The Bogota VFW Ralph Hall Post #5561  received their official charter from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces who served in overseas conflicts. The post is named in honour of Pfc Ralph H.Hall USMC. Pfc Hall was the first Bogota resident who lost his life while serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II 10 September-1942. 
   The post held their initial meetings on the second floor of Hose Co#2 Firehouse. In the early 1960’s funds were raise, and a group of Post #5561 members began construction of its current Headquarters.  This is a multi story structure located at 240 Leonia Ave  and 241 West End Ave.  The main goal of this and other VFW posts is to proved a location were Veterans can go to find assistance and comradeship with follow members of the US Armed Services. In order to aid in the rehabilitation of the nation’s disabled and needy veterans, assist veterans’ widows and orphans and the dependents of needy or disabled veterans, and promote Americanism by means of education in patriotism and by constructive service to local communities. The organization maintains both its legislative service and central office of its national rehabilitation service in Washington DC. The latter nationwide program serves disabled veterans of all wars, members and nonmembers alike, in matters of government compensation and pension claims, hospitalization, civil-service employment preference. In addition to the VFW’s main mission, the Ralph Hall Post #5561 has held many events to aid US Veteran in their life after Military Service. Some are workshops and consulting ,that members can take advantage of. Other activities are in the form of fundraiser entertainment events to aid both Veteran Groups and many local organization of Bogota.
    The Ralph Hall Post #5561, in coordination with the American Legion Clifford Dunn Post #117, organizes the annual Bogota Memorial Day remembrance ceremony and parade.  Post #5561 also hosts a number of annual events including it’s Veteran Day’s observance when the VFW names the Citizen of the Year & Young Volunteer of the year are awarded. Along with the Loyalty Day service. This event is when awards are given for the Patriots Pen and Voice of Democracy for the Students in 6th grade to 12th from Bogota Schools for writing. There is also a patriotic painting competition for the elementary schools through our Auxiliary. And to recognize members of the school safety patrol. The Bogota VFW also honours Elementary  School Children in Bogota with end of the year awards. Graduating Seniors at Bogota High School  have benefited from the Bogota VFW  Scholarships  awards. The post head-quarter is also available to serve as a backup for emergency shelter and any other needs that the Borough seems fit to ask for. 
   The Ralph Hall Post 5561 is also inviting anyone who wishes to join as Veterans of the Armed Services, or as family members of Veterans to join. For more information on how to join, or get assistance from the Bogota VFW please  their website at: or their facebook page at:
There is already a Ladies Auxiliary for  Wives, Mothers, Daughters, or Sisters. There is now being formed a Men's Auxiliary for Husbands, Fathers, Sons, & Brothers of combat veterans to join the post. For more information about joining , or to purchase a plaque please call 201-343-9693 or go to their face book page at :

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