Sunday, January 3, 2021

Veteran's Park Mural


  On Saturday-2-January the Ridgefield Park Arts Association held a ceremony for the  dedication of a newly painted mural in Veterans Park. This is located on the Eastern side of the restrooms over looking the playground. It was painted by Local Artist Mr. Guillermo Lopez (RPHS Class of ‘07) entitled "Blue Tape". It depicts his years and memories of growing up and attend school in the Village. The centre focus of the mural is a large stylized cardinal representing the High School’s Scarlet mascot. The Scarlet is bordered on four sides representing the High School experiences. They include Sports, Sciences, Mathematics, and Art & Music all coming together to form a whole. The colour pallet of the work in mostly white, grey ,and black with reds and yellows added for highlights. Some of the blacks are darker than other showing the struggle that life brings. Then the bright red of the Scarlet acting as a beacon to aid in overcoming any obstacles.
  Within the painting itself,  there are symbols from Mr. Lopez’s own life. The number 24 to honour the life of basketball player Kobe Bryant.  Another is the spelling of “AYO” which recalls former High School Coach Jim Callan. Coach Callan, also served as the Public Address Announcer in the High School Gym.  His Booming “..AYO!!” would welcome fans for a “total sports experience!”  Under  one the Scarlet’s wing is a red panel with important dates and numbers celebrating the village  history of Ridgefield Park.  There is also a large “Σ” sigma to show that sum the entire mural is showing how all life can be connected. 
  To begin the ceremony out going Arts Association Chairperson Ms.  Karen Purpura recalled the many project the Arts Association held through out the year 2020. She added that this mural is a fine link to move from one year into the new year of 2021. Next came incoming Chairperson Joe Kenny  who talked about how impressed the Arts Association was with the preliminary drawing, and sees the finished product as a first step in to a better, and more artist new year. Mr. Kenny then offered a toast to Mr. Lopez on this work and his talent. This was followed by Ridgefield Park Mayor John Anlian  thanking the Arts Association and Mr. Lopez for their  vision and efforts to bring more Artist pieces into Ridgefield Park. Mayor Anlian then introduced Mr. Guillermo Lopez to talk about his inspiration to create the mural. He also thanked the Arts Association for giving him the opportunity to work on this project.  After the artist finished talking High School Principal Mr. Eric Koenig congratulated him on this work showing his pride in being a Scarlet and an Alumnus of Ridgefield Park High School.  
  To see more of Mr. Lopez's work please follow him on his Instagram account at:   _inked_out
And for more information about  Ridgefield Park Arts Association at:

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