Friday, January 8, 2021

Sine Die 2021


  On Thursday-7-January the Bogota Borough Council held their annual Sine Die, and Reorganization meeting to start the New Year.  At the beginning of the meeting Bogota Mayor Chris Kelemen took some  time to remember a number of resident who have passed away recently. One was Mr. Robert Mulhan, he was a member of Hose Co. #2, a former Fire Chief for Bogota, and worked with the Teaneck Fire Department. Mayor Kelemen also remembered Senior members of the DiMauro Family.  The Sine Die is the last official meeting of the Borough Council from 2020. This allows for any unfinished business from the previous year. After the public comment session New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg announced the State Assemble sent a Proclamation to outgoing Council Member Thomas Napolitano thanking and recognizing him on the years of public service to the Borough of Bogota. Mayor Kelemen then read a plaque that will be presented to him by the Borough Council honour his time as a Bogota Councilperson.  There were two items that need to be voted on, both were passed. 
  After this meeting was adjourned the Reorganization meeting was called into session. It started with State Senator Loretta Weinberg swearing in, first Incumbent Councilwoman Mary Ellen Murphy,  next newly elected Councilwoman Jo-Ellen Granquist was also sworn in. 
Then Councilwoman Connie Carpenter was elected to become Council President by a 4-2 vote. She was given the oath of Office by New Jersey Assemblyman Gordon Johnson. Later on Councilman Michael Connors would be appointed to serve as Police Commissioner. The items on the consent agenda were voted on in two separate sections. The item on the first part were passed with an unanimous vote. The second part had individual item that were voted on separately. These resolutions dealt with the appointment of businesses that will be contracted by the Borough for the year 2021.  Of the 13 items voted on 8 were passed by unanimous vote. 5 items failed to passed. The current professional will remain working for the Borough for the next 30 days until new profession can be vote on  This was followed by Mayor Kelemen announcing appointments to a number of local government boards and committees. One last item was voted, which was to allow the 101 Pub on Queen Anne Rd to expand hours of operation to 11:00p for three days of the week. The new times will only apply to their outdoor dinning area. This was passed by unanimous vote.
   The next regular meeting will be on Thursday-17-January and scheduled to start at 7:30p. Log-in information will be posted at a later date.
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