Monday, December 18, 2023

Recount Results

   Results of the recount for 2023 Bogota Mayoral Election on Friday-15-December have been announced. As a result of this process Ms. Daniele Fede now has 827 votes. Councilwoman Mary Ellen Murphy has 822 Votes. On Sunday-17-Decemeber Councilwoman Murphy conceded the results for Mayor Elect Ms. Daniele Fede. In a statement released on the Bogota Democratic Club Facebook page Councilwoman Murphy wrote:
To my Family, Friends and Supports. Thank-you. After a grueling race and goal to see the process through to the best of my ability. Today after being awarded a Recount by the courts. I am conceding the outcome of the Board of Elections.
Congratulations to Daniele Fede as the next Mayor of Bogota. 
  This makes Mayor Elect Fede the first Female Mayor in the 129 year History of Bogota. The Swearing ceremonies are scheduled for Friday-5-January 2024. This will take place in the Second Floor Senior Center starting at 6:00p. This is located on the second floor of 375 Larch Ave. The Public is invited to attend. 

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